satellite galleries

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exhibit in a satellite gallery

The Downriver Council for the Arts (DCA) is committed to connecting art to the community, and another way we accomplish this is by providing off-site exhibit space in unexpected places. Curating in non-traditional spaces provides new opportunities for people to engage with work outside of the context of our gallery, opening this creative engagement to a broader audience. The DCA works with venues ranging from hospitals, restaurants, churches, municipalities and more in several different communities to offer exhibition opportunities to local artists. Some of these are group exhibits and others are solo exhibits. Typically these exhibits run for a period of 2 -3 months and are installed by members of the DCA Gallery Committee with assistance from the artist(s) and volunteers. If you are interested in exhibiting in one of our Satellite Galleries, please contact the office via email at


host a satellite gallery in your public space

If you have a public space and are interested in displaying artwork, we would love to hear from you! This is a great program to support artists and have a rotating exhibit in your place of business or public space. There is no cost to you for this and the DCA will arrange the hanging and exchanging of artwork and the sales. There may be some minimal costs associated with initial gallery wall set-up. Please contact us at