The Downriver Council for the Arts has long been a leader in producing quality programming that increases knowledge, provides enjoyment, and is accessible to everyone. We have classes, workshops and lectures available for all levels and ages. These are a great way to further your interests or try something entirely new. The instructors are working artists and teachers from the community who demonstrate outstanding ability in teaching and artistic expression. Explore the possibilities!


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We present a well-rounded artistic experience that encompasses many different art forms, both visual and performance-based. If you are interested in teaching a class, camp, workshop or lecture, please contact the DCA via email or phone. We are open to all expressions and your ideas. Instructors are paid; however, the experience can equate to an internship with exchanged hours worked for university credit. We would be happy to make arrangements to accommodate this. Your class can be for any age, adults or children. It can be any time of the day and not necessarily during 'normal hours' from 9am-5pm. We have many classes and workshops going on in the evenings and weekends. So what are you waiting for... contact us right away!


Our aim is to engage children, teens, and adults in the artistic process, cultivate appreciation of cultural arts, and make cultural arts a vital and integral part of community life. Our instructors are teaching artists with real life experiences to enhance up their talent. Read here for more information on the talented instructors who teach at the DCA.